Thursday, April 29, 2010

Holy cow, holy cow, holy cow!

I can NOT believe The Pioneer Woman is coming to my area next week, The day after my birthday, in fact. I have been reading her blog off and on for over two years. She is THE funniest, smartest lady. She cracks me up constantly. Ok, so I will calm down now. I will have to be sure to not gush all over her when I see her. Is it possible? I doubt it...but I will have to try.

Now I definitely have to go get my hair cut. I can't be seen in public, meeting a celebrity with this mop. Trying to let your hair grow out is the pits!! Especially, when you start out with an odd style to start letting it grow. I bet my stylist will have to cut at least two inches off of the front to get it to match the back. So I guess I'm getting a bob.

Do you read the Pioneer Woman's blog? What's your favorite part?

What about hairstyles? Just what do you do when your hair is NASTY?

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