Friday, April 30, 2010

Fix it Friday #52

Today's I heart Faces Fix it Friday was fun to play with in Camera Raw and PS. I didn't use LR this time because I wanted to see if my presets loaded into Camera Raw like they were supposed to. 
 This is the before image

This is the after image.

I opened the RAW file in Camera Raw and checked the color temperature. I liked it pretty well, so I just upped the exposure just a tad and applied a Sesame Ellis preset called Daydream. It's my favorite right now. After this I opened in PS4. Then  I cloned out the out of focus street sign, the pink ribbon and the bridge warning thingies. When applying the preset, I noticed the dress became a little too dark, so I dodged and burned just enough to get some light in there and Viola!

I wanted to crop it to make the girl more accessible, but changed my mind since the scene seemed to be calling out to be noticed.

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